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Rent a car daily, weekly, monthly or yearly with Adobe Rent a Car, and get the following benefits that will make easier your rental experience.

Specialized Road Assistance

We have chosen specialized vendors to provide Road Assistance to our customers. We have the capacity to rapidly assist at the national level with services like:

  1. Towage service for the rented vehicle, when involved in an event.
  2. Continued trip service for the client to the next destination. This is done with a taxi.
  3. Basic road assistance at the site.
  4. Locksmith service in case of misplaced or keys inside the vehicle.
  5. Ambulance service, in case of a medical emergency due to an accident.
  6. 24 hour service.
  7. Bilingual receptionist.

  1. Tire change.

GPS rental (Global Positioning System)

  1. A US$250 deposit is required in case of damage or loss.
  2. Deposit should be made with a credit card.
  3. Subject to availability.
  4. Previous reservation is recommended.

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot rental

  1. Holds up to 5 devices connected.
  2. Subject to availability.
  3. Previous reservation is recommended.


The use of baby seat or booster seat is mandatory in Costa Rica for all children under 12 years. If needed, please contact our Reservations center for guidance.

  1. Rental of Baby seat.
  2. Rental of Booster seat.
  3. Coolers: complimentary.

In all cases:
Please reserve in advance and service is subject to availability.

Monthly and annual rentals

Monthly rentals: rent of vehicles for a period of one consecutive month (thirty days),with special monthly rates. This product has a monthly mileage limit of 3,500 kilometers.

Annual rentals: rent of vehicles at a lower cost and without guarantee deposit for a 365 day period. Use the same car during the whole period without the need of changing the unit. In addition, total insurance is included in the rate (including road assistance).

Rent a vehicle for months or for a 1 to 3 year term, at a very special price and with all the benefits of using a rental vehicle:

  • Customer service executive.
  • Free delivery of the car at your premises.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Immediate delivery.
  • Maintenance included.
  • Full insurance cover with release of liability.
  • 24 hour specialized road assistance program.
  • Substitute car.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Cars without vehicular restriction.
  • Additional accessories: GPS, baby booster seats, racks.


Operating lease of vehicle fleets or long term fleet rentals, which solves issues related to fleet financing, acquisition, ownership, maintenance, and management. This option offers a brand new car, adjusted to your needs. The most complete renting in Costa Rica.

  1. Advice on car choices.
  2. Purchasing and selling the car.
  3. Complete coverage package with $375 deductible.
  4. Fleet management.
  5. Insurance claims.
  6. Ownership expenses.
  7. Maintenance control.
  8. Preventive maintenance.
  9. Replacement cars.
  10. Roadside assistance.
  11. GPS services, tracker, alarm, tinted windows, bodywork and other accessories.

Car Rental Requirements

  • To be older than 23 years old.
  • Present original and valid driver´s license and ID Card or passport.
  • Guarantee deposit of US$1 000 only with Credit Card.

Cancellation Policy

A cancelation notice is required at least 72 hours upon scheduled arrival in order to avoid one day charge penalty

At the rental

  1. Rental period is 24 hours.
  2. After 4 hours of late car return, you will be charged with the daily rate.
  3. Cars can not be taken out of Costa Rica.
  4. The cost of the additional driver is: US$ 3.
  5. Debit cards and cash are not accepted for the deposit. Only credit card.

Insurance conditions

In case damages to the rental car do not reach the amount of the deductible, customer shall only pay for the actual amount of the repair. Fines for violations to the Traffic Law shall be liable to the user only and shall not be charged.

Neither the insurance that protects for civil liability due to accidents included on the rental fee nor LDW cover the following cases:

  • When a pre-drunk or drunk condition is confirmed in the driver at the moment of an accident or event.
  • When it is confirmed that the driver is under the effect of drugs at the moment of an accident or event.
  • When the driver suffers an accident that is not clearly authorized in the rental contract.
  • When the notification of an accident is not provided to Adobe Rent a Car at the moment and place in which it occurs, or if the driver does not wait for the Traffic Police and INS inspectors, except for cases of force majeure, a circumstance which shall be proven by the company before the National Insurance Institute.
  • When the driver does not make a declaration before legal authorities within the relevant term.
  • When mechanical damages occur due to driving the vehicle in rivers, beaches, lakes, or in flooded streets or roads.
  • Violations of the Costa Rica Traffic Legislation are full responsibility of the client.


Adobe Rent a Car has the most complete coverage system in Costa Rica; therefore, we provide excellent support to your company and employees.

  1. Basic Insurance: It includes coverage for collision, turnover, total and partial theft, vandalism, and it protects windshields, and other accessories. It has a fixed deductible of one thousand dollars. It is important to mention that there is no extra deductible in case of theft. Damages to third party property have no deductible. This insurance covers up to US $100 000 in damages to persons. It is mandatory.
  2. Total Insurance: Provides the same protection to the car as the basic insurance. For an additional amount, the deductible is reduced to US $0 for damages to the vehicle and to US $0 for damages to third parties.

Coverage exclusions

Release from liability does not apply in Basic and Total Insurance when any of the following occurs:

  • Use of drugs or alcohol.
  • Introduction of vehicles into rivers, the ocean, ponds or lakes; and driving out of roads in places where there are no duly designed and established routes.
  • The driver is not registered on the rental contract.
  • Failure to report an accident, regardless of the causes, to a competent authority (National Transit Direction, Accident Inspectorate of the National Insurance Institute). This report may be made at any office of Adobe or through our 24 hour emergency service.
  • Failure to report immediately and at the site of the accident, or in case of any situation in which assistance is required to Adobe Rent a Car personnel at our switchboard 2542-4800 during office hours or at the 24 hour emergency service line: 2542-4888.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact: